Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ethan's Field Trip

This is a week overdue, but I was able to go on Ethan's first field trip. It was also his first time on a bus. He was loving it. He had a smile on his face the ENTIRE ride. I was kind of feeling guilty for being able to go because all of the other moms kept saying to me, oh, you're so lucky you get to go, I wish I could go. I guess this is one of the few benefits of having a son with diabetes.

Ethan and his friend LaMar on the bus.

Ethan's class

Planting a radish seed.

Ethan holding a baby chick. This was his face the entire time. He didn't know what to do with it. He was frozen. He gave it back after only a minute or two.


Anne said...

baby chick pic is so funny. he's so confused. glad that you got to go.

Katie said...

Jolie went to the same farm a few weeks ago for her first field trip! She LOVED it of course. So fun.