Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am expecting Cohen to ask for a tattoo for his 16th birthday.

Cohen has made a habit, as of late, of coming into our bed around 5am only to fall back asleep until about 7-7:30. It drives me nuts but at 5 in the morning I am not about to get out of bed to put him back in his because I will 1. get a fight from him, 2. probably never fall back asleep myself, and 3. see him back in our bed within 10 minutes anyway. So the routine is that he comes in, sleeps for another hour or so, and then when he is done sleeping he shoves the remote in my face because he knows Eric and I won't fully wake up until about 8. This morning, we went a little past 8, so Cohen was roaming the house for who knows how long. I guess I have learned my lesson in letting him do this....

... I have yet to find the marker. It's washable, which was a relief, and I haven't found any walls covered in black marker, but where the heck is the marker? Ethan would have never done this. He hates getting his hands messy.


molly oliver said...

Maybe he is trying to tell you he wants to be a tiger for Halloween. "Sorry Cohen you tiger now."

nyclizzie said...

Check the VCR! We have one of those dual VCR/DVD players and the other day, I saw Luke playing with the VCR side and found a myriad of things shoved in there for quite some time. My bet's on that place.

Impressive artwork! I love the patterns.