Friday, August 29, 2008

Short but sweet

I got to take off to San Fran last weekend (without kids!) to visit Anne & Mike and Molly & KC. Anne & Mike recently moved from the East Bay to the city so it was fun to see their great apartment and where they work. I had visited them before, but we didn't spend any time in the city. Molly & KC live relatively close so they were able to come over on Sunday to hang out.

Saturday we grabbed lunch at the Ferry Building and walked all over Union Square. The highlight was shopping at Britex Fabrics. My pictures do not do it justice, the website has tons more. Anyway, it is four solid floors of every fabric, trim, button, lace, remnant, pattern, bead, glue, needle, scissor, color you could possibly imagine. I have never seen anything like it. I want to go back and take Diane. Her busybook making would reach a whole new level (not that it needs to by any means) after one visit to this store.

Then we picked up a few cute outfits for Cohen at Small Paul's big sale and moved on to the busy streets of Chinatown. Anne lives in a really nice area of the city and I was really surprised at how big her apartment was. I was totally expecting it to be a closet but I could definitely live there. Bad thing about it though was that they have never lived in an apartment of their own since they got married (they have been house sitting) so they had NO furniture. So, leave it to me to drag them to Ikea that night. I have been to my fair share of Ikea's but that one was a zoo. I couldn't believe the check-out lines took a good 30 minutes to get to the front. Nightmare.

Sunday, we headed up to their ward for the first time. It's only one of two buildings in the city and it's only 2 blocks away so that is really nice because there is no parking. Their ward is like 50% dental students, so lucky for them they have tons of young couples to hang out with. Then it was back to the apartment for Sunday dinner, the closing ceremonies, and plenty of Ms. Pacman. Mike is obsessed. Em was coincidentally in town for a funeral so she came over for a quick visit. It's always good to see Em!

Monday, we toured more of the city and I was off - back to the exciting life of a mother of two boys... I'm sure Eric (and Diane) was relieved.

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Anne said...

Thanks for having a blog for me.
JOS, that pic of me is HEINOUS. Oh well. Who cares? Britex puts Mood to shame. Come back soon and bring definitely bring Diane. Love you, Anne