Friday, August 8, 2008

My baby is now a big boy

Time for a real bed? I think so. However, I was very afraid that he wouldn't get the concept. Ethan was really good about his big boy bed. He loved it and stayed in it from day one. But Cohen is a different story. The kid is always so wired at bed time. This crib of Diane's was probably thanking me for retiring it back to the garage. It's amazing after all the abuse he gave it that it was still in one piece.

So Wednesday night we went to Ikea (I really wish I could buy stock in that company) to look for a bunk bed for the boys. Ethan had been sleeping previously in Diane's guest room queen bed and though it was very cozy and served it's purpose, he was just swimming in it and it didn't leave much room for playing toys. They were loving it at Ikea, testing out (jumping on) all the different mattresses and bunk bed sets. So, by the time we got it home I think Cohen understood what was going on. He loves it, even tucked himself in last night. Today at nap time I was worried he wouldn't stay in it but he's in there fast asleep. Hopefully, I am not jinxing myself.

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Diane said...

These lil guys are so cute! They love their new cove! I want to record the sounds, but will wait until Cohen can talk English, then I will.