Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How can I say no?

What is it about church callings that totally freak me out? I hate the anticipation of waiting for the phone call, asking me to meet with the bishop. I speculate for days about what it could possibly be and I am always wrong. Hopefully, tonight I will be pleasently surprised. Nothing is worse than moving to a new ward, knowing no one, only to be put in a calling where you interact solely with 2 year olds. The appointment tonight is for both Eric & I... activities? team teach? ward missionaries (oh please no).... we shall see.


Julie Barnes said...

I feel the same way! I always sweat it out the days before the big calling. At least you will be doing it together probably.

molly oliver said...

I know what you mean Kc and I had three meetings with the Bishop recently and the first one I was so nervous and he couldn't make the appointment so he had to reschedule. Talk about time to stress. We already had callings and now we have a new one, that I can't announce yet. But it proves even if you have a calling, you are still never safe from switching out of nowhere.