Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's my fault women are hitting on my husband

Last night at dinner...

E: Today, I was getting my teeth cleaned because the hygienist had a cancellation and while she was cleaning my teeth she commented on how smooth my skin was. She wanted to know what kind of moisturizer I used.
J: She already thinks you are way metro, what did you tell her?
E: I just told her I used an aftershave. I didn't want to get into how I exfoliate.
J: So, was she hitting on you or did she really want to know about your skin care?
E: She's married.
J: So. Was she hitting on you?
E: No.
J: Would you know if she was hitting on you?
E: Of course I would know.
J: Really?
E: Jos, it happens everyday.
J: speachless.... IT DOES?
E: Uh huh.
J: What do they say to you?
E: Would you prefer your place or mine?

Now I thought he was kidding around with me until this afternoon's conversation.

Phone rings:

Diane: Hello.
Lady from ward: I was just in Dr. Penrod's office and let me ask you... When did your son get to be so handsome? I mean, he is really handsome. I remember seeing him after his mission, but I don't remember him being so handsome.
D: Oh, well, thank you..?

A lady from the ward is saying this, a married lady, about Diane's married son, to Diane... is that weird?

Phone rings again:

J: Hello
E: Hi.
J: Apparently, (sister ___) wants to have your babies.
E: laughing
J: Eric, I really don't like hearing about all these "supposed" come-ons you are getting.
E: Then I won't tell you about them anymore.
J: (thinking to myself) Is he just saying all this to get me to be nicer to him? Or to have more sex with him? Still thinking... cause I don't know if it will work....
J: So, what do they say to you?
E: Jos, I just tell them no thank you that I am happily married.
J: (no buying it) Right...
E: If YOU would just get me a wedding ring that doesn't bug when I wear gloves it would be fine.
J: Oh, so it's my fault.
E: Yes.
J: If gloves cover said wedding ring then what's the difference?
E: I gotta go... patient is here.
J: Is she ugly?
E: Click.


Annie said...

Thanks for that anecdote. I was in need of a good hefty chuckle.

leigh said...

Eric..."so hot right now!"


leigh said...

I'm not sure if that's better or worse that getting hit on by gay guys, which is who hits on dan.

leigh said...

ps - i love it when you blog you and eric conversations.

Mandy said...

That's so funny! I must admit that last week after my mom saw you guys she said..."Josie's husband is really handsome." I guess my mom has a crush too.