Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is one store I feel comfortable posting my faves from without feeling like a totally lame blogger. It was always a must-stop store when we would visit NYC. Here are just a few from the most recent catalog.

Masking tape - just because tan is boring.

Blocks - anyone currently prego with a girl??

Clock - something for Eric

Bowls - aren't these awesome!!??

Wallet - and coin purse - for Molly or Martha!


molly oliver said...

Love the Momastore, they just need to adjust those prices. Love the pantone clutch.

anne said...

i don't know, jos, you are on the verge of being a "lame blogger" with this post. jk.
love the blocks. i might need to get those.

anne said...

and all this baby talk...showers, next?