Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liar, liar, pants on fire

This morning I took the boys to Jump & Shout, a local inflatables rec center where they can essentially, jump and shout. Amazingly, we had the whole place to ourselves which was nice because I didn't have to worry about them running into 18 month-olds or pushing slow pokes out of their way. But, inevitably Cohen got hurt at the hands of his older brother.

I hear Cohen crying so I look up from my book and see Ethan running over to me. He's already come up with a story...

E: Mom, Cohen was climbing up the bouncy wall and fell and he hurt himself, by himself.
J: Oh, really?
E: Actually, I am lying. But I didn't want to get in trouble. Actually, I pushed him.

I thanked Ethan for telling the truth, even though it was after telling a big fat lie, and after wiping some tears they ran off and went about their jumping and shouting.

Ethan has a good heart, but lately he has started lying, disobeying, and talking back like never before. What clicks in their heads that gives them so much confidence to do so? It doesn't help that he's super competitive, and not with things like organized sports or school work, but with his 3 year-old brother. Everything Cohen has or does he wants for himself. Isn't this usually the other way around? Doesn't the younger sibling always want what the older one has? I know for a fact this is how I was as a kid. I was the FAIR police. My own version of the F word, and boy did my parents treat it like one. They hated it when I said, "It's Not Fair", on a daily basis, round the clock, 24-7, and maybe even in prayers. I know my mom is loving this right now. LOVING IT!!!


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I'm sorry your bratty sister and I were mean to you - on purpose. That was not fair. At least you have an honest kid - even if he is being bratty now.

tonya said...

I'm blaming it on 1st grade. We are having a really hard time with our Ethan. Boo.

Kenneth said...

Oh Ethan...Cohen probably could have climbed up and hurt himself but I'm glad you told the truth. Gotta love those boys.

Karen said...

That is SO hilarious. I'm still laughing.