Friday, October 30, 2009

Just the four of us

Ethan had the day off from school the past couple days and I was given free Legoland passes a while back so we decided it was time. The last time we went was when the Ehat's came to visit over a year ago.

I went back through our photos from previous visits to Legoland and was shocked when I saw this picture of Ethan. THE SHIRT!!! I had to post a picture. Cohen has like 30 shirts and he just happened to be wearing the same one... so weird.

Ethan now

Ethan last year

Eric getting watered

Cohen has NO fear - he kept asking to go on the roller coasters.

Ethan on the other hand, a little more timid. His posture alone compared to Cohen's riding the slide is hilarious.


Robyn said...

How fun!! Looks like a fun day and I'm so glad it wasn't crowded for you!

Diane said...

You had such fun! Pics are priceless! and so are those many lego!!!! Freeky about "the" shirt!!!

Sarah said...

Whoa, that slide thing wasn't there last time we went. Maybe we need to go again and give Legoland another shot. It looks like you had a really fun day!