Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My MAC is back! Hallelujah. Actually, I should say, iPhoto is back. I have so many photos on my camera that I haven't been able to upload. So get ready for a whole lot of them...

So, what was supposed to be a trip to Hawaii, ended up being a trip to Seattle. How that happened... well, Eric and I had never been there before and kept hearing great things about it. I was probably complaining a little too much about how long the summers are in CA so the thought of vacationing in yet another warm climate didn't get me very excited. Plus, Molly & KC had a break and offered to be our tour guides (KC is from WA) so thanks to Diane & Ed we got to have our first real trip away from the kids in 10 years! Yippee! I must say it was a little weird not having them around all the time. It was really quiet at times. It was fabulous.

We were expecting a trip full of this:

But had mostly this:
It really was nice weather the whole trip except for one day. I know it's not always like that but if it were I think I could live there easily. (view from the space needle)

The Mariners were in town playing the Yankees and KC is a huge baseball fan so we headed downtown to Safeco field for a night game. The Mariners lost, booo. But, we still had a good time.

Eric being a dork.

People watching!

Sunday we went to church with KC's family. The woman I sat next to on the plane ride was sitting three rows in front of me at church. Totally random. After church we headed up to the Snoqualmie Falls. It was so pretty. Eric and I couldn't get over how dense all of the foliage is. It is green all the time. And it's all natural. It's not planted by the Irvine company. Imagine that.

The next day we went downtown again for some local grub and a walk around Pike's Place Market. The soup I got was yummy! KC bought some salmon at the fish market to cook that night back at his house. It was so good.

Space Needle

KC's dad - a true mountain man - took Eric fishing one morning. He managed to catch a fish or two but they weren't quite edible. Instead, KC's dad put them in a bucket in the backyard to try and lure the neighborhood bear in so that he could shoot it. It would be his third.

Eric's fish

And....KC's fish. It's ok Eric, yours is prettier.

As Ed would say, "truth in advertising". They specialize alright!


leigh said...

I'm going to say (having been to Hawaii and Seattle) that next time I'd pick Seattle. I know people think I'm crazy, but I love the Northwest.

And your first photo of the space needle is REALLY great. I liked the market one too with the sun behind it. Nice.

anne said...

You got me excited thinking there were going to be a ton of photos... I want more. Looks like you guys had a great time. But, Hawaii??? I'll never turn that down.

Sarah said...

Great pics- I'm glad that you guys got to get away even if it wasn't Hawaii! It's so nice to get a break from the kids every now and then. Glad you had a good time!

Kenneth said...

All I gotta say is that trip was a lot of fun and boy...does my stiff fish look good! Thanks for coming up and visiting the great northwest!