Saturday, May 3, 2008

Workin' like a mad white woman

Eric's schedule has tapered off as of late so we have been able to get some serious packing done. Though, Eric is a like a chicken with his head cut off - he wanders around, not knowing what he should be doing, acting confused and disoriented until I give him specific instructions. Eric, please go through all of this dental crap. Eric, please clean the dehumidifier. Eric, please take those boxes upstairs. Isn't it obvious what needs to be done? Gotta love him. I think he has his mind on other things, namely, the Laker/Jazz game tomorrow. He was wearing his Laker's shirt today in support of the Kobe (MVP) show. That is as much as I can say about the Laker's or else all of my Jazzhole friends might get all worked up.

Not only am I having to pack up all of our belongings, but I recently listed like 30 things on ebay and those are all set to end in the next 1-3 days so I will be boxing and shipping up those things as well. AHHHH! No wonder my hair is starting to fall out again. Diane - nerve pill please? The buyers of our house contacted us a while back and told us they would like to buy some of our stuff so we have lucked out there. $700 worth of things we probably would have had to put on criagslist. Yippeee! How did people do it back in the day - an ad in the newspaper. How brutal that must have been. Does anybody besides my dad and my father-in-law read the paper daily? If so I want to know. Actually, maybe I should start getting it - it would provide great packing material for my dishes.

I am still in my pajamas and it is 5:49pm right now. ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. How lame am I (statement, not a question). Workin' like a mad white woman.


Kenneth said...

Josie, I promise I won't include the Jazz in my prayers. It'll be a fun series to watch but I don't see how the Jazz will match up against the Lake Show. Maybe there will be a miracle...haha.

Diane said...

Eric got his nervous disorder from . . . ah . . . um. . . his Dad!!! He's the one to blame. .. . ah, no, that would be me. Under great organizational stress, I too must be directed, and never left on my own.
Enjoy the game!