Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To make a long story short

Here is the most reader-friendly version of the past two weeks that I can come up with.

Last day at church in WI. This is Ethan's little class of friends.
Doesn't he look huge compared to the others in his class?

Mother's Day. No joke. Eric watched the Laker's game and well,
it was just like any other day for me.

Ethan's friend Brady came over for one last play date.

Dinner with the Ehat's!

Brewer's v Dodger's game. Cohen is in a total panic.
Anne, Mike & Martha have now arrived for the
graduation/moving festivities.

Tennis anyone? Aren't our neighbors cute?

Dinner at the Gabor's house!

Last visit to Kopp's. SOOO sad to say goodbye.

Ethan's last day of Pre-School. We love you Miss Kelly.

Long boarding with aunt Martha. Cohen's favorite activity.

Quick tour of Marquette.

**This photo is not edited AT ALL** Such a great shot Martha!

Gradation party at Joey Buona's with our families who have now arrived.

Gordon & Rella who flew in for graduation. Gordon is my great uncle and just happens to be a very famous dentist. Eric invited him to "hood" him during the hooding ceremony and he was gracious enough to fly to Milwaukee for a quick trip.

Ethan did not like the hooding ceremony. He hated the organist and thought it sounded
like Halloween music. Because it was in a church and it was totally different from the church he is used to he kept saying, really loudly mind you, this is weird church Mom. And because Eric was receiving his "hood" he thought Eric would be wearing something over his head - but of course that isn't what happens. So, we are ready to leave the Cathedral and there was a Catholic nun sitting two rows behind us and he points at her and says, hey, she has a hood on. Nice.

All the graduates with their distinguishing tooth on their hat.

Don't forget the nice fellow that was hanging out in the parking lot.
He wished Eric well and congratulated him.
He really should have given him his business card...
he needed a little work done.



Moving truck arrives

Can you even believe that a 26' truck was too small?
We ended up needing to rent a tow trailer as well.
And I am not even a pack rat.

Hugs goodbye

Ethan looks so calm in this picture.
I don't think he realizes that he is strangling his brother.

A Penske, pulling a U-Haul. Is this allowed?

Dean, Eric's brother, of which I am eternally grateful...
he helped Eric drive the truck from WI to UT.
Thank you Dean! Any single ladies out there want his digits?
Here they are in Star Valley, WY
(which was somehow on their way to CA) branding cattle on Ed's (FIL) ranch.

Aren't they some fine cowboys?

Grandpa Brown - such a stud, in his element.

Am I sad I missed this? No. Poor little cow.
All trapped and drooling and all.

Branding the cow. See the flesh/hair burning from the heat of the brand.
The smell of this made it impossible for me to eat meat for a week.

Here we are, in CA. The house in the middle is where it's at!
All three of our vehicles all lined up there take up almost three houses.... yikes,
we're not in WI anymore. No more 1/2 acre lots.

All that's left is to unpack, but wait, what do we have here?
Somehow, it looks like the remaining part of Cohen's sandwich got packed with Eric's shoes....
I can't wait to see what else I find in all our boxes.

Thanks to all our family members who ventured out to Milwaukee to celebrate in Eric's amazing accomplishment. We couldn't have made it through the past 5 years without your support and we also couldn't have made it through the move without you.
We love you all very much. Thanks again for all your help.

p.s. Grandma & Grandpa Bishop have graciously allowed us to store all of our stuff in their spare garage. A huge thank you to them for saving us a monthly storage fee.
I don't have a picture of their garage but it is one gigantic pile.


Rosengren Family said...

Glad to hear you and all your stuff made it back to Cali safe. What an adventure! Hope all continues to go well for your family.

Annie said...

Ick. Moving is such a hassle. This made me tired to reading. I'm glad you're all in one piece. From the looks of things, I'm kind of surprised Cohen is, though. Anyway, hopefully you can relax soon. You must be exhausted.

*it's nice to know that someone else had a Mother's Day similar to mine. Bah humbug.

Mandy said...

Wow...busy couple of weeks. So glad you're back in the West. We need to have you over for a BBQ or something. Let's get together soon.

mandy said...

congrats! I am so jealous that you guys are done! Four more years of near poverty for us (in addition to the 9 already served). This post made me seriously laugh. Glad to see you're back on the posting wagon. :)