Friday, May 9, 2008

Milwaukee's Best

That countdown is nerving me out. It's making me think of how far we've come living here. It is also making me aware of the many things we will miss by moving away.

Fall colors

Camping by the lake

Brewer ball games



Butter Burgers

Our neighbor, Chicago


Summer rides

Fox Point Pool

Lake Michigan

Milwaukee Art Museum

And most of all, 480 MacArthur


Anne said...

I was waiting for this post. We'll miss visiting you

Sean said...

That butter burger looks scrumptious. I will have to find one.

The Ehat Family said...

Josie. I just need to remind you that we would love to have you live here for a two years!! DON'T MOVE!! Just kidding, I know you are moving on to bigger and better things.

Kenneth said...

Are you Laker fans getting nervous yet? I must was dissapointing to watch the Jazz give up a 12 point lead with 4 minutes left but it's all about the outcome right? All square!

josieposie said...

I will truly miss the photo opps. That place was beginning to feel like home and I don't even live there! May we all never get the brain disease that makes us forget, , , ahhhh, ummmm. yaa
I am no longer a mail order grandma! At lease not to any Wisconsinites! I loved that house too.

josieposie said...

Dang, this is Diane posting under Josieposie.