Thursday, May 1, 2008

Classic Buddy

Eric has this patient named "Captain Buddy". He is in the upper echelon of the High Maintenance category. There are three messages on our answer machine right now from him, wanting Eric to call him back about one thing or the other. His messages are not short either. They average about 2-3 minutes each, and at the end of each one he always repeats his phone number about 4 times - just so we've got it. I've met Buddy. One day I picked up Eric from school and we headed over to the mall food court for some lunch and there he was, sitting at the table next to us. He's a cute old man. Very sweet and he couldn't say enough about how grateful he was to have Eric as his student dentist. So when I got the mail today I wasn't surprised when I saw who this graduation card was from.

Captain Buddy himself. It's signed, From your devoted friend, Buddy. So sweet. But in classic Buddy style, he added in the corner: Please keep this card FOREVER. Thank You. I have a feeling we will be hearing from Buddy, long after we leave Wisconsin.

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Anne said...

So funny! I especially love the large circle Buddy used to dot his 'i' in 'this.' Eric should definitely get a pic with him in cap and gown.