Monday, March 31, 2008

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I am totally frazzled and I do not get frazzled. My anxiety level has reached an all time high and it's freaking me out. I feel like I am on a constant overdose of:You know those diet pills that are supposed to vamp up your metabolism by making you jittery all. day. long? I just can't seem to relax. I'm sure if I were to take my blood pressure right now it would be: and I am always in the 110's. This feeling of not being in control really has an effect on me. I am used to being in control. Control of myself, my kids, my house, my finances, etc, but lately it feels like they are taking control of me. If you could see my house right now you would want to report me to:the BBC's, How Clean is Your House. These woman would not be pleased with me. Today I had another inspector here to make sure our house was up to code and I didn't even clean-up. Usually, I wouldn't dare let someone look around my house without cleaning it, but my no-care-attitude as of late has taken over. It's really despicable if you ask me.
I haven't been: well at all which contributes to the no care attitude because I am too tired. This living in the future thing has got to stop. My life has always been so scheduled/planned out but there is no rhyme or reason at this point. I even scheduled the day in which both my kids would be born. I said, the 11th sounds good, how does 7am sound,
because I do not like:surprises. I told Eric the other day that I think the stress of 2005 was like a walk in the park compared to 2008, and 2005 was the year from hell. I just need to keep telling myself, at least the house is sold, that always seems to help for at least a few minutes.

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Diane said...

Jose, Do I need to say, "SNAP OUT OF IT"? Well, I can't. I would like to address your quote of the day, 3/31/08. That means that living in the present, you ARE HAPPY! YOU ARE HAPPY TODAY!!! REPEAT THAT OUT LOUD 3 TIMES! I am sorry, been there, and am not going back! Hang in there!