Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm baaack

Well, my life as a full time mom has resumed. I got back from Em's last night and it was as I never left. Eric slept in as I made breakfast and got the kids ready for school. I guess he is entitled, after all, he did let me go. It was a fun, quick trip. It was great to meet little Addison. She started to pull herself up onto her feet while I was there and her first tooth broke through! Em looked great and I was very impressed with her store, The Dressing Room. She is in the process of renovating a new space which she will be moving into in a few months. So, we shopped a lot for new draperies, fabric, accessories, etc for the new store. I did fail to get Em to start a blog. I think she's being truthful when she says she has no time for one. Maybe after the new store opens?!? Jonas is Jonas - easy going, a great dad, patient, and hardworking. He did such a great job renovating their house. Thanks guys for letting me come, but next time you will be coming my way!

Em's store

Addie - SO CUTE!

Atlantic - quite a difference compared to the beaches in California.

Big heads!
Newburyport, Mass - cute stores, restaurants
cobblestones roads everywhere
These surfers are nuts. It was freezing - air temp was only in the high 30's,
I can't imagine the water temp.

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Mandy said...

How fun! Em's little girl and store are both darling!