Monday, March 10, 2008


I am leaving town this Friday. Yes, my husband granted me this trip after one of my quarterly "I don't want to be a SAHM anymore" breakdowns. I think he just wanted me to get out of the funk I had been in so he promised me the only thing that would do that - a break! So, I'm headed to Em's house in NH. I can't wait to meet her little Addie and see her store. If you can't tell this picture was taken a looong time ago. I recently had all of my old negatives put onto CD's (all 1600 of them) and this was one of them. I think if I keep posting pictures of her she might get a blog for herself so that she can post pictures of me in her defense. Maybe I can talk her into one when I am out there?

Hugs and kisses to Eric for letting me go during his spring break from school. He's had a crazy year as well and it isn't over. Unfortunately, I can't grant him a break from school - it's mandatory. I think a break for him is just being home. He is a great dad and will do just fine without me! Last night he was asking me about the details of my flight - it went something like this:

E: So, when do you leave again?
J: Friday.
E: And when do you get back?
J: Thursday.
E: No, really.
J: Thursday.
E: Jos, seriously.
J: Ok, Wednesday.
E: No, really Jos.
J: Seriously Eric - I get back Wednesday.
E: (enter mean look here)
J: OKAY, Tuesday.
E: Tuesday? That is so long.
J: Eric, I don't get in until late Friday night, so I only have Sat, Sun, Mon and then I leave Tuesday. It's not that long.
E: Brutaaaaallll!

I bet he is wishing he wasn't my dreamweaver after all.


Mandy said...

I had a "SAHM" breakdown last month and I'm not even home full time yet. Jason thought I was so crazy! When I think about being home with two, I sort of start to freak out. I never thought I would feel that way and I have so many days when I complain about my job and wish I was home, but the reality of it sort of makes me panic. Glad I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Diane says, Well, I am glad that I am a child of the 50's and all I wanted was to be in charge of my domain. Now, I have LEGS! Lonely Elderly Grandma Syndrome. It comes to us all. All I want to do is run off and see who I miss. Glad that you are going Josie, Good man ERIC! Now you will have time to teach the boys some skills!

Molly said...

Josie I cannot believe he let you leave since having that roles of a woman vs. man conversation over ichat when he was pretending to be you talking to me. Hurray Eric you do have a soul and will let Josie have a break. I was worried your teasing me was 100% reality.

Eric said...

I do have a soul and you have your own opinion on something!!!! Its a breakthrough for both of us! And my comments were 100% reality.