Friday, March 21, 2008

Dinner, bloody nose and some easter eggs

Eric is on spring break right now so we had some friends over last night for dinner and a movie. We actually barbecued in the 35 degree weather. We felt like we couldn't wait any longer for Wisconsin's spring to come - I think Mother Nature realized our defiance and decided to stick it to us because we woke up to 5" of new snow on the ground. Ugh. So, midway through dinner last night Ethan gets a great idea ("Mom, I have a good idea, why doesn't Carter sleep at my house tonight?") that Carter should stay over. Ok, I don't see why not... so we put the boys to bed and head downstairs to watch I Am Legend. A little freaky for my taste, but ok.
Well, midway through the movie I hear footsteps upstairs. So I run upstairs to lay down the hammer and find Ethan and Carter in the dining room, Ethan with a crazy bloody nose, and Carter balling because he has no idea what is happening to his friend's face. Supposedly, there was some wrestling or something going on in the dark in Ethan's room and this was the result. Ethan had to keep saying over and over, "I'm fine, I'm fine", because he thought Carter would have to go home. See, that's always the threat... eat your dinner or Carter will have to go home, go to bed or Carter will have to go home, brush your teeth or Carter will have to go home... apparently he was listening. Eventually, they fell asleep, and when they woke up they had fresh snow to play in and a dozen easter eggs to dye. Oh, the insanity.

No, I had no part in organizing the eggs like this.
Poor Ethan, he has inherited my OCD.

Ethan was wanting that sticker to stay on the egg a little too much.


Diane said...

Such good day! I see the snow! Yaah, when I want something to really stick, I apply some pressure too!

Karly said...

oh man! What a story!

Anne said...

what? i am so confused. they were wrestling in the dark, ethan got a bloody nose and they ended up in the dining room? Crazy boys. I love the stickered, smooshed easter egg. funny. Happy Easter!