Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two for Two

This past weekend was a first for Eric and I (since having kids), we got a babysitter and went out on Friday and Saturday night. I am dying about how lame we sound right now, but it really is the sad truth. You might be thinking, wow, they must have come into some money to afford a sitter and a date for both nights....well, you're right, we sold some stuff on ebay! Chahching.

Friday, we saw Be Kind Rewind. It was pretty good. I didn't like the ending all that much though. Jack Black was his crazy self, and Mos Def had this weird lisp, but I can't complain...I was out of the house without the boys and they were both asleep by the time we got home.
Tonight we went to dinner with our friends all thanks to a recent Christmas present from my parents. Thank you! The only bad thing that came from tonights meal is the gas that now fills Eric's intestines (Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp). I have an open house tomorrow and I am seriously worried that the funk he has left all over the house might remain. It is bad.


Michael said...

...and he has some deadly funk. Good luck tomorrow!

leigh said...

the only way to go out is to come back AFTER the kids are asleep. Even if you have to drive around and burn another $5, it's worth it.

Karly said...

OK I AM LAUGHING SO HARD! Make up some kind of excuse for the smell... oh sorry mam we live on an old landfill...that's sure to sell it! (BANG BANG IS THE BEST THING THERE)

Diane said...

Soo glad that you two are getting out! Some inherited genes are very "BROWN", My sista, you have my condolences! So, the Bam bam Chicken is off limites? (Bam seems to be more descriptive . . . )