Monday, February 25, 2008


I am an Oscar watcher. Mainly, because I appreciate the kind of movies that seem to fit the Oscar profile. I will admit, I have seen four of the five nominated movies from this years race, and all of them deserved it. My previous fling even won one! I was so proud. My problem though with last night's show, was that all four of the winners in the main acting categories were NOT American. Doesn't that seem weird? To have a huge show, in Hollywood, awarding movies produced by studios headquartered in the US, filmed mainly in the US, but not one American actor walks away with a win. Doesn't seem right.

Marion Cotillard - France - Best Actress

Daniel Day-Lewis - UK - Best Actor

Javier Bardem - Spain - Best Supporting Actor

Tilda Swinton - UK - Best Supporting Actress

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martha said...

Yeah our media is being taken over...British TV host, etc.