Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eric says it's perfectly normal

Boys. I have two of them. Both are off the charts on the height and weight scale for their ages. I have always attributed this to the size of Eric and I. As a baby Eric was a tank and so are my boys. One word: thick. Their appetites have always amazed me. Ethan is hungry at all times of the day. I blame this on type-1, but Eric says it's just a boy thing. The kid is 4 and eats more than I do. The other day when we went to Chicago, Ethan ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggos waffles, yogurt, milk
Lunch: 2 corn dogs, applesauce, a few chips, water
Snack: Raisins
Dinner: Cheeseburger, apple dippers, a few fries
4th meal: Chicken strips, grapes, crackers, crystal light

He probably even had a second snack in there somewhere. What's interesting is that he has leaned out recently, and it is becoming difficult to find a spot to insert his pump. He seriously eats like a 16 year old and has no fat on him. I keep telling myself to limit him but Eric thinks it's normal. I think it is all going to catch up to him - who's right?


leigh said...

I'd say not a big deal, especially if you're paying attention and because he's not super fat. If he was like the kids on Maury or one of those shows and you also looked like that, then you should worry. But I bet he's just a solid guy. Have you asked the Pediatrician?

mandy, christian, james, & adam said...

Lately my 4-year-old is doing the exact same thing. Ten minutes after a meal he is telling me he's starving. And he can't go to sleep at night because he's so hungry. But he eats like a horse! Maybe it's a growth spurt?

Ethan's Granny said...

All is well, all is well. . . First of all Josie. I could eat 5 of those eggo waffles, and only quit because I should. If you squished them, really how much volume is there. . . To me, liquid doesn't count. It does fill in the space for a short time. ok, that is a pretty good lunch, but he should be hungry. Is that a cheese burger at Mickey's or one from home? apples to me are a lil snack. Basically, I am defending my little man. He is in constant motion! And Eric is right! Boys and food just go together! Anyway, it takes more calories to be as smart as Ethan is!

Eric's Mom said...

One vision for the future Josie,
Breakfast for a 16 year old man child. 4 to 6 pancakes. Juice or Milk Snack, 2 cinnamon rolls & milk
Lunch, 2 burritos & 2 soft tacos & drink Snack, Chicken sandwich apple slices, cookies & drink. Dinner, Roast beef, potatoes, veggie, 3 rolls and chocolate pudding. Snack chicken fingers or pot stickers, lots! (I did have two boys)

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