Thursday, February 28, 2008

Midmorning meltdown

9:40am - driving around running errands
E: (looking through the recent ToysRUs catalog that came in the mail) Mom, I have a good idea, lets go to ToysRUs and buy some legos.
J: Is it your birthday?
E: No.
J: Is it Christmas?
E: No.
J: Then we won't be going to Toys R Us today.
E: (instantly, at the first sign of denial - crying begins) But I NEEEED Legos
J: You do NOT need anymore legos
E: I don't have this one. (pointing to that freaking catalog)
J: You don't need to have every lego made.
E: YES I DOooooooo (tears)
J: Maybe for your birthday you can get some.
E: Well, how about this robot. I don't have a talking robot. I NEEEEED a robot.
J: Ethan, enough.
E: I need one. I need a robot for my own self. Or I need a skateboard for my own self.
J: You have a skateboard.
E: I lost it.
30 seconds later...
E: Oh, wait, no I didn't it's in the shed.
1 minute later...
E: I will go with daddy when he gets home. He will take me. Not with you. Just daddy and me. Ok mom? Is that a good idea?

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Anonymous said...

Diane says: , , , Oh Gosh, just wish I was in the way back listening to this. But, Eth does have good ideas! A better idea would be to let Grandpa know what Ethan wants to talk to him on ichat, about a business venture! Ed buys the materials, and Ethan builds it! There you go, answers to all your problems!!! Ask Ethan, "Did you think to call Grandpa"?