Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Update

My older sister Emily and her family came to town this past weekend. It was the first time the whole family had been here and we had a blast! My suspicions that Ethan has ADHD was confirmed while they were here because the kid was absolutely out of control the entire weekend. He is SO hyper when he has friends around and it drives me CRAZY. I kept testing him thinking I could blame his ADHD on his sky-high blood glucose number, but I had no excuse, it was like he didn't have diabetes anymore because with all the activity his number was always normal.

So, Em flew into Chicago and stayed the night there Thursday so that they could walk around Michigan Ave and the Navy Pier. Friday we drove down to Wrigley to meet them for the Cubs game. It was actually a really good game and the Cubs won, but that only put the Brewers further away from the playoffs. Oh well, I'm not that big of a baseball fan anyway. We only made it to the 7th Inning because the kids were antsy and it was so stinking hot. Then we hit a pizza joint for some Chicago deep dish and drove home.

Cohen at the Cubs game. It was hot!

Ethan and his cousins at the game - cheering on the Cubs, how blasphemous....the Brewers weren't in town or else we would have been at Miller Park.

7th Inning Stretch at Wrigley Field. Thanks Em for the solo!

On Saturday we did some Milwaukee sight seeing - we went downtown to the Lakeshore and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Jaren wanted to go to some Milwaukee hot spots for food so we took him to Solly's Grille. I'm not sure he loved it, but it's just one of those places you have to go to if you come to Milwaukee. For some reason every burger place in Milwaukee, outside of the major fast food chains, claim they are the best "butter burger" in Wisconsin. I guess since WI is the dairy state it's only fitting that butter be added to a burger. And I'm not talking about a little bit of butter. Solly's adds about 4 tablespoons - so much that if you don't eat it fast enough the butter is left to melt - forming a moat of melted butter on your plate. As you can see the bottom half of the bun is all soaked in it and yet the plate is still full of it. Solly's is not recommended on a regular basis. I think I have been there 4 times since I've lived here, only because we like to take visitors there to completely shock them. The funniest was when my mom tried to order it without butter and the rather round, probably type 2 diabetic lady behind the counter gave her the most dumbfounded look I have ever seen.

Solly's Burger - click for maximum viewing

Then Eric took us all to his favorite thrift store in the heart of the Milwaukee ghetto. How he finds these places I have no idea, but the whole reason we went was to find some cheap Packers gear for the game on Sunday. It was a gold mine. I guess as random donations come in throughout the year they set aside all of the Packers gear and then once football season hits they put it all out at once for sale. I have never seen so much stuff. Ethan scored a sweet Gilbert Brown jersey so now he has a Packers jersey with his name on it. Emily was laughed at by the toothless security guard at the store. I know what you are thinking, a security guard at a thrift store, but I do not lie. The store was about to close and Em needed to go back to the car to get more cash and the guy was like, "what kind of a person comes to a store and leaves their money in the car, what are you an idiot?" (Unfortunately, I do not know Ebonics or that sentence would have been a lot more funny) The guy wouldn't let her leave the store. I guess she was a security risk.

Playground time

Eric almost dropping Cohen on his head.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Now that everybody had their Packers gear they could all suit up and go to the game. I took the youngins to the JDRF walk and everybody else went to the game. And what a game it was. Jaren was not disappointed: the Pack beat the Chargers - making their record 3-0, it was great weather, Favre tied the record for touchdown passes, and he didn't have to go to church. Check out the cheerleaders...these are not your average NFL cheerleaders. Since the Packers are owned by the town of Green Bay and not some random rich guy, the cheerleaders are from the nearby University of Wisconsin @ Green Bay. Don't they look so high school? The ribbons in their hair and the fact that none of them have spray on tans, midriffs, eating disorders or fake boobs gives it away. Only in Wisconsin.

Green Bay Packer Cheerleaders

The Packers ARE religion to most... including this guy, the "Packer Pope".

Eric and Jaren, sporting identical jerseys and loving the fact that they weren't sitting in Priesthood meeting.

It was a great visit and we were so glad they made the trip. Now....what sister can I count on for Thanksgiving? Anyone, anyone?


Eve said...

You are having way too much fun without ME! You are making it up about Solleys. I don't remember saying that! The kids are so cute together in all of the jealous!

Derek said...

What an awesome time!!! I am jealous about the Pack's game. It was good on TV, but would have been SWEET live!

martha said...

Loved all the pictures. I like the one in the museum. Ethan's face is classic. I have been checking flights everyday. I hope it works out.

anne said...

yes, me too. I wish I was there. My nephews and niece are getting so big.

Jeff said...

I'm dissapointed that they aren't wearing Chargers jerseys.

josiejean said...

Why would they want to be wearing a jersey for LOSERS?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record those are not the cheerleaders from UWGB. The all girl cheerleaders are from St. Norberts and are in all white. The UWGB cheerleaders are in green and are a coed squad. And we actually look older haha!