Monday, September 17, 2007

This makes 15

Survivor starts this Thursday! Can you believe I have watched every season of this show? It's getting up there with the amount of seasons MTV has done the Real World, but I don't watch that. The show really hasn't changed much over the years, but yet I still tune in every week. It has gotten easier to watch since I started using my DVR. There are so many commercials during this show - unlike any other show, so it is a must. Of course this year there has to be a "gay Mormon" on the show. Why is it that whenever someone is in the public eye or on t.v. they have to add the - Mormon - on there? It's not like every gay Catholic of Jewish person out there labels themselves as that "gay Catholic". It's like it's so much worse to be gay and Mormon than gay and Catholic. Why is that? I bet he gets voted off around episode 6. I wonder if he's an eagle scout - that could change my opinion, but then again, his profession is listed as flight attendant...maybe episode 4 is more like it.


Diane said...

Well, I hope that there is a "stand up" person and they show someone asking why the "Morman Gay Guy". They must have the ying and the yang of it all! Well, hearing Chinese for the boys will be fun. Seeing the food, etc. or lack of it! Should be fun, and I will be tuning after my holy night!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Tcomment makes no sense in this setting, but I read your coment on my blog and had to say hello! Of course I remember you - you were one of my favorite "youngers" and always so beautiful! Loved that I turned on Oprah last year and there you were! I recognized you immediately though multiple Chi O's from days past asked me if I too saw you.
I'm going to go ahead and have my husband read YOUR comment; any validation I can gather on my side is further proof for the cause! Oh, and by the way, isn't sex drive wasted on the young?