Sunday, September 23, 2007


Here are some pictures from the diabetes walk today. It was perfect weather which resulted in a record breaking turnout. We got to the zoo around 9:20, checked in, got our t-shirts and our meal tickets and then hit the streets of the zoo. This is Ethan's 3rd year at this so he directed me around the zoo this time. They announced that there would be a ceremony in a few weeks to award the teams that raised a lot of money. Each team that raised over $1000 will receive a plaque from the JDRF, and because of all of you we were able to raise $1300 - so thanks again!


martha said...

These pictures are cute. I like the one where Ethan and Shelby have the big lips on...Shelby looks like she is thrilled.

diane said...

Nice fundraising Jos & Ethan! Nice shirt Eth. Love the big lips. Are those kazoos? What were the kids favorite animals at the zoo?