Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Highs and Lows

It has been crazy the past few days. Way too many ups and downs if you ask me.

September 10th:

High: Ethan on his first day back to Preschool at the YMCA.

Low: Ethan trying to manage all of his supplies for school in the rain.

High: Fun times at Preschool with his friends Carter and Logan.

High: Finding out the Julie is pregnant with her first baby - due in April! Being glad that it isn't me. Finally, some cousins for my kids.

Low: Being one of the last to find out that Julie is pregnant. All the while being thrilled for Julie, but still disappointed that Anne wasn't the sister calling me to tell me she was pregnant.

September 11th:

High: It is Ethan's 4th birthday! Ethan loving his new bbq/kitchen from Grandma Diane.

Low: Having to put the bbq/kitchen together. Remembering 9/11/01.

Low: Me, not letting Ethan open all of his presents when he wanted to.

High: Ethan's birthday party - he had a great time with his friends - lots of fun presents.

Low: The giver of the gift wanting it for himself.

High: Taking a trip down memory lane and re-visiting Ethan's birthplace on his birthday.

Low: Having to re-visit Ethan's birthplace on his birthday because Cohen hit his head on the coffee table, splitting open his eyelid, requiring it to be super-glued shut.

High: Not needing to give Cohen anesthetic and stitches. Not being there for diabetic reasons. Having great insurance to pay for all of our visits to the ER.


Diane said...

All's I'm sayin is . . . "What goes around, comes around, Eric!" I am sorry for all involved! Life, just take it as it comes! Quite a celebration of the B-day, Ethan"!

anne said...

Ethan looks so happy to be at the hospital on his birthday (Eric, Ethan, Cohen pic). Cohen's cute even with a bandage. JULIE, congrats!

amy said...

the last 4 pictures and their comments made me laugh! and, i agree with anne on the pic of the 3 guys - Cohen doesn't seem to mind, but Ethan doesn't look happy.

Natalie said...

love the super's been a life-saver for us, too. much better than stitches :)

Karen said...

that video is hilarious. I watched it 3 times. I love how you push him away at the end to get him back in focus. nice.

Annie said...

What I love most about the video is how it seems you're having a sit-down on the toilet while you film. Not unusual at the Reynolds house to have two children in the bathroom while I go.

Also, not unusual to have a video camera in there, either. Oh, I'm kidding, people...maybe...

josiejean said...

I was actually sitting on the edge of the tub, but everything else is true.

Diane said...

I don't want to hear about where you were, the camera was where? ? ? never mind. .

Claire - Adam - Anna said...

I love your blog...need I say more?!!

Mandy said...

I love this are so funny. Poor little Cohen! And man, he's turned into to quite the towhead. So cute.