Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random shiz

-Actually left the house yesterday to see the movie No Reservations. Eric refused to take me so I went with some friends and fellow bloggers from the ward. It was the usual predictable chick flick. At least I was out doing something, right? Who would have guessed that Aaron Eckhart graduated from BYU film school in 1994. Random.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 44% so that only reinforces to me how much Eric would have hated it. He can't see anything that is below a 60%. The whole movie was set on the corner of Bleecker and Charles St in NYC - the same street that Bennett lives on. I had to text him during the movie just to make sure. It did look familiar.

-Both kids are sick. AHHH! Ethan threw up earlier and it wasn't pretty. I don't think the rug (cream shag) in his room is going to make it. He drinks Crystal Light and the spew was bright pink. I have waste baskets and bowls spread all over the house so that he doesn't ruin anymore rugs. Not pleasant. Cohen is feverish, coughing and sneezing. Did I mention that we are leaving town on Saturday?

-Some of my tomato plants actually produced fruit this year that I was around to eat. I picked some of the grape tomatoes off today - very good! And I made pesto the other day with all the basil that I have. I have a freezer full. Yum!

-Haven't been running this week. I've had no energy with all the pump checks at night and the kids being sick. Plus, I can't really drop sick kids off at the Y. Therefore, I have been on the internet pretty much all week... looking at stuff to do when we are in Monterey. I also bought a ton of stuff at old navy and gap online for me and Ethan. Why does it always look better in pictures than when you actually get it out of the box? I am fully expecting to return 90% of what I bought. It always works that way. Retailers hate me because I always buy a lot online and then just return it all. Oh well, I was once a gap employee so I really have no sympathy.

-This is the most rambling I have done in a long time. Usually my posts are very short and sweet. Sorry to bore.


Paige said...

Yeah online shopping is such a disappointment. I end up returning everything. I have been waiting for a swimsuit that has been back ordered since May...I won't like it anyway and will send it back. Whats the point of waiting. I never learn my lesson though.

anne said...

your blog is never a bore. poor ethan, poor cohen, poor you AND poor me.... I got food poisoned just after talking to you yesterday. I was up all night. yuck. and yes, i am at work right now. the funny thing is... it was from chicken, pesto pasta... which you mentioned in your post. no pesto for me for awhile. now i'm rambling. talk to you later, a