Thursday, August 30, 2007

Could this be right?

I've got another project on my hands. Actually, at this point I think I am juggling about four. Here is one of the latest that has taken priority because it will be fall soon and cold weather does not promote grass growth. We have a stretch of yard in our back yard that has no grass on it. Ever since we moved in it has been bare and we are just now getting around to seeding it so that it looks normal for potential buyers. Every spring the area turns into "lake Brown" because it fills with water from all the rain. It doesn't help that our neighbors have a yard that slopes down into ours. So we had 10 yards (huge truck worth) of dirt delivered a few weeks ago and we are ready to lay the seed tonight. Our friend from church who is a contractor told me I need to soak the seed so that it germinates faster....well this was the result. Could this be right? It looks like a giant tea bag floating in my tub. I sure hope I haven't soaked away all of the magical grass growing powder.


Diane said...

Very Good! Yes, soaking seed does make it sprout faster, but, it will be harder to sprinkle, since it is all stuck together with moisture. . . It will be fine. But, Josie, did you have to use the bathtub where my lil Brown Babies but their butts?
Over all, the project is a 10! said...

I totally thought that that was liquid that came up through your tub before I read the description. I think that some of the house I have seen in Hayward something like that would be possible.