Thursday, May 31, 2007

Snacking in the rain

I am doubting that Ethan's choice in snack would be top on his doctors list of diabetic snacks, but oh well. The kids gotta live life and have a Push-Up every once and a while. While snacking the skies opened up with a serious downpour. Ethan chose to stay outside and play with his buddy Van. Van is our heaven-sent neighbor who very kindly tolerates Ethan. See, Van is 9 (6 years older than Ethan). Luckily, Van hasn't filed for a restraining order due to Ethan's stalking habit. The kid will watch out the window for Van's school bus to drop him off. I even caught him outside looking in their windows at one point. Ethan is obsessed, and I am ever grateful.


ARL said...

that's really cute. it's nice to see older kids these days can still be good, nice kids.

Karen said...


When do you want your popsicle molds??

Diane said...

I knew some kid years ago, who couldn't get enough of those Push Up's! HIS DADDY! Favorite flavor, Orange!