Monday, May 28, 2007

Lost in Translation

Anyone out there know French? We sold something on ebay to this guy in France and he sent me this email...does he not know that I am in the US? AHHH!!!

Je peux payer immediatement par Paypal but je souhaite n'être livrées qu'après le 20 juin car je pars to morrow à la montagne loin de chez moi ! Merci de m'informer de la marche à suivre !


Karen said...

This is what says: I can pay immediatement by Paypal goal I wish to be delivered only after June 20 for I leave to morrow to the mountain far of at my place! Thank-you to inform me market to follow!

Although I'm willing to bet he speaks English. Everyone does. Email him back and say you don't speak French!

josiejean said...

I did email him but he hasn't responded. Next time instead of posting I think I am just going to email you first because you always have an answer for me.