Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robert Down Elementary

Pacific Grove has two elementary schools in their district. Everything I have heard about this district leading up to the first day of school was positive which helped ease the serious anxiety I had about the new school year. Moving up here was one thing but having the boys start at a new school was even more difficult for me. I really didn't want them to hate it and to hate me and Eric for taking them away from their friends and previous school. It was a rough go for the first few days with Cohen. He's a young kindergartener so that didn't help but he warmed up to his classmates and teacher pretty quick. He's definitely worn out by the time he gets home. He still takes naps after school some days.

Ethan has another male teacher this year. He really seems to prefer it. He even lives up the street from us so we see him out and about quite often. Ethan has made friends quickly and enjoys school. I can't say he has the group he had in RSM but I'm pretty sure that was a fluke. The school mascot is the "otters", pretty typical of the area. The district has a lot of funding so they are able to take lots of field trips and have small class sizes. I have been really impressed with this district and am happy to know they are getting a great elementary school experience.

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