Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Point Lobos

Ed & Diane came up for Labor Day this year. The boys have seriously missed their grandparents since we moved. Cohen keeps telling me he wished he could go back and live with Papa. It's quite sad but I really think he thinks Ed is his other father. His fun one that spoils him rotten. Having moved to RSM when he was 18 months it makes sense that he would think that so I really feel for the kid.

On Labor Day we packed up a picnic and went hiking around Point Lobos. I had no idea this even existed and that it was only 10 minutes away until Eric suggested it one day. It is so beautiful. I guess it is a big diving location too. I need to see if there is camping available but I don't remember seeing any sites.

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anne said...

Loving all these pictures, Josie. I WANT TO MOVE TO PACIFIC GROVE!!