Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ethan turns 8!

Wow. I have an eight year old. That went fast. I truly can not believe it. What I can't believe is that in just that same amount of time, 8 years, he will be driving and close to graduating. INSANE! How could this kid be able to drive, date, or apply for colleges? Oh my gosh, tears. He's mine! I don't want any stupid girl to change him or take him away. Look at me getting all sentimental. Did you enjoy it? Cause it's over.

Since it hasn't been too long since we moved to Monterey, Ethan decided he wanted to celebrate with his friends in RSM so we drove down for the weekend. We were planning on having a pool party but the morning of his party it started raining and was freezing outside. Ugh. I quickly made a call to the local bowling alley which proved to be a good idea - they had a great time!


Steven said...

So so so fun! Please come back, I need you to take pictures of my kids!!

Cortney said...

Errr... that was me :/