Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mecum Auto Auction

Monterey is known for it's classic car shows. The Mecum Auto Auction is held here every year. Now I am not a car person, but Eric is so he was super excited about it. One morning we looked out our window and there was a car parade going on down Ocean View Blvd. The boys had to run out and wave to all the drivers as they passed by.

The auction was filmed at the Hyatt...the hotel Eric sneaks the boys into to go swimming. There were thousands of cars and boats auctioned off over a few days. Cars going for millions of dollars just amazes me. I had only seen it on tv before so this time it was cool to see it in person.

The reserve on this car wasn't met. It was only listed for 1.8m. The highest bidder bid 1.65m. Sickening.

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