Monday, January 19, 2009

Ethan's D-Day

4 years ago (on Saturday) Ethan was diagnosed with Diabetes and this year we decided to celebrate the day and reward him for being so brave and responsible with his diabetes. He really amazes me with his patience and understanding. He doesn't question why he needs insulin, or why he can't eat certain things... he just goes with it. It makes my job a lot easier because he doesn't fight me when it comes to his condition - and for that I am grateful.

The day was left up to Ethan - he chose to go to the beach with my Mom, eat lunch at Wienerschnitzel, and then go bowling. He got decked out in his JDRF t-shirt and the hat he got from his pump company. He was pretty excited. I can't believe it's been four years.


Anne said...

Sounds like a day for the books. Beach with mom, a corn dog and throwing the rock. Love you Ethan!

molly oliver said...

I love that he chose the Schnitz what a stud. Ethan you are an awesome poster boy for diabetes.

Robyn said...

Wow, what a brave and strong kid.

Your boys are so handsome. I was looking at Ethan in Primary and thought he was 10. He looks so grown up!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea to celebrate his D-day! I can't imagine dealing with diabetes as a child- I hate dealing with it as an adult! He's such a trooper and I'm glad he had a good day!