Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baseball Mom

Because I will never (hopefully) be a soccer mom.

Ethan has officially started little league baseball. This is his first organized team, probably the first of many. My life has forever changed. From now on it will be filled with practices, games, and laundry, but I can't wait to see which sport Ethan enjoys the most. Of course Eric would have him play football and I, basketball, but for a diabetic I think baseball is a good choice.

The DODGERS first meeting:
(there are 3 little league teams - all from CA: Padres, Angels and Dodgers)

Three Amigos: Mason, Jacob & Ethan


Anne said...

Ethan's getting sooo big. I hope I can make it to a game this season. Mike's proud he's a dodger.

Sarah said...

Jake's team is the Dodger's as well! I hope Ethan has a great season!

Kenneth said...

Baseball!!! Atta boy! Good choice