Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What are the odds?

Well, my hubby has a job! Can you believe it? I never really thought this day would come. Since Eric and I got married in 1999 I have been a full-time student's wife. That's 9 years of undergrad and grad school. There have always been pluses and minuses to being in school.

Pro: Two week vacations at Christmas
Con: Being strapped for cash at all times
Pro: Two week vacations in August
Con: Having to travel during our vacations
Pro: One week vacation in March & July
Con: Being away from family
Con: Never seeing my husband
Con: Stress, I could go on...

I guess the bad out-weigh the good. We were always blessed as students though. Thankfully, we always had really nice places to live, cars that cooperated with the tough Utah & Wisconsin winters, a good school that made Eric a great dentist, good wards, and families that supported us along the way. Though there were struggles and set backs along the way things always managed to work out and more often than not, in our favor. Take Eric's new job for example. First and foremost, we live in one of the most brutal places to commute. If you have to commute - you are pretty much screwed. Not only because of gas prices but because of the traffic. Eric's new job is seen here (B). We live at (A). 1.4 miles. Instead of Eric looking for a new car at this point he is planning on a buying a bike. Nice.

Eric's boss is a great guy. He's LDS and went to UCLA. His family has known Diane's family for a long time - interestingly enough, Dr. Penrod's mom visit teaches Eric's grandma. I think the two of them will mesh well together and Eric will learn a lot from him. He runs a really busy practice and knows his stuff.... so much so I won't need to work in the front office. Ever. His first day is July 14th. Can't wait!


Annie said...

That's AWESOME. Congratulations! Wow, after all that work and all that time, it must feel so good to be done and really doing exactly what you guys have been working towards. So cool.

Julie Barnes said...

WOW! Congrats to you Eric! That is awesome you will be working with Penrod! I bet that feels so good to not have to worry about a job anymore! Perfect timing too, I need to get my teeth cleaned! :)

Derek said...

Congrats Eric, that is so exciting!!! And Josie, it is too bad you had to change the colors of your blog so quickly. The gold and purple didn't last long :(

Molly said...

Nice Eric and Josie. I can't believe your office is 1.4 miles from your parents. That is out of control. That is the length of my walk to the office after I have taken the bart for an hour. Can't wait for the 4th!

Mandy said...

Wow...congrats!! That is so awesome. You seriously can't beat that commute in SoCal. I'm so glad you guys will be staying here!! Luke's about due for his first dental appt. Dr. Brown.

The Ehat Family said...

I am so excited for Eric and you. I will be waiting to see the post of his first day at work!!



P.S. I called your cell and you didn't answer. Where are you?? And do you have a new number? Miss ya.