Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Irish had bad luck tonight.

Eric and I got to go to the game tonight because the fool that won the Ebay auction (for Ed's season tickets) for them never paid. Thank you ED!! Mister lame ebayer missed a good game. I was very nervous at times but the Lakers managed to pull it off. Now, if only they can make it to a game 7. I guess the color scheme will have to stay until the season is officially over.

There were some other bonuses that should be mentioned about tonight's game. I touched Matt Damon. That was fun. He was being attacked by the paparazzi after the game and totally random fans were coming up to him, making him pose for pictures he did not want to be posing for. I feel bad for celebrities, that would drive me nuts. I was also within inches of Zach Braff and his Scrubs co-host Donald Faison, Michelle Kwan, Larry King, Anthony Kiedis, and David Spade. And don't forget "Kevin"..........


A horrible picture of Matt Damon.
Iphone's need better cameras.
Poor guy was wearing a Celtics hat.


Sean said...

Let me get this touched Matt Damon?!? We need to hang out more often.

josieposie said...

I did! And yes we should hang out more often.

Rod and Kandace said...

Kevin...lucky! I love the office!