Monday, June 9, 2008

Drink up

If any of you out there know my husband, you know that he is in what I call a "wanna-be-fraternity" (being the Greek that I am I can call it that) that he and his friends invented at Ricks in the mid 90's. They call themselves the Maveriks. Eric even started that website for them so that they can all keep in touch. Many of them read this blog, without commenting, because they think they are anonymous, but I know who you are. And many of their wives have their own blogs, which I read (sometimes), without commenting (most of the time), because I think I am anonymous, which I AM!

They stole their name from the conveinence store Maverik (who came up with that I have no idea). A place I was unfamiliar with before meeting Eric. I was however, familiar with the mug he had that must have held about 2 liters.  The thing was huge. And when filled with drinks such as Mountain Dew or Coke, could contain upwards of 1500 calories per refill. Good thing Eric was studying to be a dentist - he didn't need to worry about all the decay he was generating from the soda he was drinking.

So the other day when Eric emailed me this picture from his treck to Wyoming, I have to say I wasn't surprised to see it.

A Maverik mug that holds 100 ounces. 100. That's 28 ounces short of a gallon. A GALLON. Can you even imagine drinking that much soda in one sitting?  How many times a day do you think the store employee must have to switch the soda syrup thingy... it must run out after 3 fill ups.  

E: Jos, I'm headed to Maverik, do you want anything?
J: Um, sure, just get me a medium diet coke.  
E: K
.....15 min.....
E: Here
J: WTH is this?
E: Your medium diet coke.
J: This is 82 ounces.
E: Yah, well the large is 100.
J: What is the small?  64?  A cool 2 liters?


Jeremy said...

I'm going to have to take issue with the tone of this post. I have to admit that I have lurked up to this point... but this post has pulled me from my comfortable lurking status and propelled me to active participant status. I'm going to have to have a word with Eric about this post and recommend that he unleash a severe reprimand.

Wannabe frat? Invented? Stole the name?

Is fraternization derived from rushing and pledging and being fake and going to all the millions of meetings and living in the house etc etc?

I say NO! I would argue that the Maveriks are much more original, much less trite than the whole greek scene... not to mention that you were involved with the semi/quasi/laughable greek life at the UofU!

Now... having said all of that, I do enjoy your blog and now I enjoy my wife's blog... damnit. Ever since Eric's visit and subsequent talk with Amy has been involved. Oh well, maybe one day her blog will be as clever and witty as yours.

Anne said...

Long live the Mavs! All I want to know is- did the Maverik Barrel and Rug make the move to California?