Monday, June 9, 2008


I have truly found no joy in blogging lately. Will someone please tell me why there seemed to be so much more to say when I lived in WI? It's not like I have this totally different life in CA now. True, I live about 3 minutes from most of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but that doesn't mean I now spend my time as they do. Actually, since Eric is unemployed I have been hired to purge my FIL's law firm with the help of Diane. To tell you the truth, I think I have been purging/packing/organizing/boxing for the past 3 months straight. At least this time I am paid to do it. 

We have managed to do a few things to add a little life to the boys' day. 
These are all really random... 

Fashion Island

San Onofre bluff

Today Ethan went swimming in our pool and was terrified to get in.  I don't know why he is so afraid of the water, but he would not let go of Eric.  Actually, I do know why - I blame Eric because about two years ago when we were at a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells he sent Ethan down a water slide before there was anybody ready at the bottom to catch him and he FREAKED!!  I don't blame the kid.  He didn't know how to swim and he just got pushed down a water slide.  Great Eric.  Now he is going to hate going in the pool all summer.

Then there is Cohen on the other hand who will jump off the ledge of the pool without a second thought.  

Anyone out there know a magic remedy for getting kids to like to swim?


leigh said...

jack used to be scared to death of the water (even in the tub.) i signed him up for swimming lessons when he was 3 and just hoped he'd get in the water at least. it was a very shallow pool where he could touch the whole time. it just takes practice and feeling comfortable (and putting your face in, getting your ears wet, etc.) he's a total water dog now (and he liked it a lot at the end of those first swimming lessons, even though he was still kind of nervous.) It took him a long time to be comfortable in a pool he couldn't touch the bottom.

Mandy said...

Not me. Luke is in the middle of a 2 week swim lesson and cries the entire 30 minutes. It's driving me crazy b/c when he's with us in the water he loves it. Huge waste of money for us this summer. Oh well.

renae said...

i put owen and ava in "rescue swimming" lessons. owen because he was terrified of being more than an inch from me in the water, and ava because she had NO fear.

these are hard, on the kids and the moms, but it's now been 2 weeks and they are both getting really good and independant.

for the first 4 lessons, owen screamed his head off because they let them struggle a bit in the water so that they will know just what to do if that actually happens, and he was just being stubborn about floating on his back. i was mad and almost cried like 3 times, but then was the magical day that he got it... and he's doing amazing now.

lessons down there are pricey-- come up here and stay with us, the lady does lessons year round!

and that was a novel.