Friday, January 18, 2008

So who's with me?

Here are the current results of my previous poll. Since so many of you out there picked the Amazing Race, does anybody want to apply with me? I promise to be nice to you!!! LOL

Compete on American Gladiators (2) 11.76%
Sing on American Idol (1) 5.88%
Run the Amazing Race (9) 52.94%
Be the sole Survivor (2) 11.76%
Create on Project Runway (3) 17.65%
Be on the Real World (0) 0.00%
Strut on Next Top Model (0) 0.00%


Anonymous said...

Josie, You know that I would apply with you in a minute! They have never had a mol, dil combo! But, I couldn't say that you would never have to carry my back pack. I would stuff it with news paper, and wear the same thing all the time. That way it would be really light! Got any ideas for our tape? But who would care for your babies?

Diane said...

I left the anonymous, it was I , Diane, your MIL!

Diane said...

I told Ed, geezzz, I hope Josie doesn't put any of our Olan Mills on her blog. . . although, the short, curley, dark haired family pic, is an Olan M.... good laughs!