Monday, January 14, 2008

BIF confusion

- I signed up on Karen's BIF. She has to get something to me within her time frame established. And because I signed up on hers it requires me to return the favor to her plus three (or however many I/you want to set it up for).
- I am now required to post something on my blog asking for three to participate.
- Karen is already guaranteed one because I signed up on hers, so technically I will be making 4.
- Therefore, my three are Molly, Natalie, and Martha just signed up.
- Now, Martha, Molly and Natalie all need to do a post like mine asking for three more participants. But, I am to receive something as well.

Go it?!??!??


Natalie said...

got it ;) can't decide what to make. any requests?

Jeff said...

I must say I was surprised to see your comment congratulating my team! Thanks! They did have a rough go early in the season but they pounded out a respectable season. At this point i'm completely satisfied. I don't really care what happens from here on out. Obviously I would love to see them beat the Patriots but that could be a long shot. So I'm still gonna cheer on the Chargers but I'm predicting that it's gonna be a Packers/Patriots Superbowl. Congrats!

Karen said...

You are indeed still confused.

I will get something from my friend Shannon.

I will send three gifts to three different people. You are one of those three.

You will then send three gifts to three different people.

Each of those three people will send gifts to three different people.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Think of a giant pyramid.

MarVic said...

BIF sound interesting to me..I would like to join in...but how am I going to do so?....