Monday, January 14, 2008


Seeing this movie poster, assuming you've never seen it before, I ask; what is the first word that comes to mind to describe the people in the picture?

The answer I am looking for is: Wisconsinites

Eric is an indie movie fan if you didn't already know this about him. Back when we were first married he rented this movie against my wishes. I mean seriously, look at the cover. But of course, he won out. So we put it in and if I remember correctly, were pretty entertained. These two friends from Wisconsin, wrote, directed and starred in a movie about making a movie. So today while I was at the market who do I run into... the tall guy from this movie. He looks the exact same by the way. Thick flannel shirt, t-shirt underneath, jeans that haven't been washed in a few months and brown leather boots. I think he has the same eyeglass frames as well.

So I say to him in passing, "hey, loved your movies". Thinking Eric would be proud that I even recognized him. He just says "hey thanks" and keeps walking. But then I think the odd occurance of someone actually recognizing him, a no name writer/director, in a supermarket no less, intrigued him. So he turned around and came over to talk to me. Not sure if it was because I had no kids with me at the time, but whatever. He introduces himself, puts out his hand, (he's a man of the people), we shake and I ask if he lives around here. He tells me he lives in Shorewood, which is about 10 minutes away but that he brought his mom to help her shop. He goes on to tell me that he has some sort of movie playing at the Oriental theater tonight if I wanted to go I should stop by. I said thanks, and he was off. I'm pretty sure I made his day. But then the stalking began. I swear, around every corner there he was. Like he wanted to keep talking about his movies or something. I would be standing in an aisle minding my own business and he just kept walking by. Random.

While at the market I did notice that Pillsbury now makes a Toaster Strudel with Cinnabon flavoring. My dad worked for Pillsbury when I was growing up and pretty much invented the thing (with a few others I'm sure), but nonetheless I have always been a huge fan, especially of the cinnamon flavored ones. But, for the past 10 years I haven't been able to find them in any of the local stores. Today I spotted them. I held that package in my hand and actually thought about buying them for at least 30 seconds. If I wasn't trying to lose a few I'm sure I would have bought three boxes. Yummy!


Molly said...

You should have taken a picture with your stalking iphoto phone. Or maybe you did. That is really funny. I wish I ran into someone FAMOUS while I was at the grocery store today for 3 hours trying to convince the pharmacy I had insurance. But i saw no one.

anne said...

Sounds like that actor is going to be disappointed you didn't show up to his other movie tonight. I bet he looked for you all evening! Is the movie worth renting? It looks like a WI Strange Brew. I can't believe you resisted cinnamon toaster strudels. I still look for them everytime I go to the store.

Diane said...

Josie, now that would have made a greart Father's Day gift! A signed something from the market from the directer no less! Fun! Yaa he was stalken you!

Annie said...

From the looks of it, your hand shake is the most he's gotten from a women in quite some time. You didn't make this guy's made his YEAR.