Friday, November 23, 2007


Fact: I am leaving town tomorrow to go to SLC for Gpa E's funeral services.
Fact: Eric does NOT want me to go.
Fact: Eric has never taken care of the kids by himself for longer than 3 hours.
Fact: I will be gone for 3 days.
Fact: Eric will be calling or texting me often.
Fact: Eric is a very, very capable dad.
Fact: I do worry my kids will be eating pizza for 3 days straight.
Fact: I am fully planning on taking 2 Excedrin PM each night I am away so that I can guarantee at least 8 hours, thus ensuring 3 amazing nights of much needed sleep.
Fact: I will miss my boys....all 3 of them.
Fact: You will miss my posts while I'm gone.
Fact: I will have cry face on multiple occasions during the trip.
Fact: Eric still has four living grandparents. I have two.
Fact: It's my dad's birthday tomorrow.
Fact: I love my family.
Fact: I can't wait to see them.
Fact: I am yawning right now.
Fact: I need to go to bed.
Fact: I am rambling.


Diane said...

Soooo glad you are home! I worried about Eric! I hope that he is going to be very good to you, Josie. I did say, "What if Josie just walked out and left you with the boys?". . . there was silence, and he said, ouuuuu, Not Good! No doubt, many memories from your weekend. Everyone is glad that you are back!

Renae Kirby said...

SO sorry about your Utes. ;)

anne said...

You home? I'm just chilling in 303 watching the snow pour. Wishing you were still here, but I'm sure Eric is sooo happy. love your last posts. I'm just catching up. i need some advil pm. later.

Jeff said...

You may want to change that last FACT on this posting seeing that BYU beat the U and is 19th in the BCS rankings. I don't see the U in those rankings anywhere.