Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For the love of Oprah

Cohen and I made our tv debut a year ago today.
We made it on tv for roughly two seconds.
Still managed to get the royal treatment courtesy of Harpo.
No complaints there.
The episode is still on our DVR - that is how I know it was a year ago.
Who knew a DVR would keep a show longer than a year?
We'll have to watch it again today to reminisce.
Good times.



Molly said...

Oh Cohen, such a good baby that he didn't get enough airtime.

Diane said...

I know that one grandchild got the gift of "SHOWMAN" Oprah should see him now after a year. Josie, email them and suggest! Time flies when you are having fun!

Rod and Kandace said...

Josie, at the time I watched this episode, I thought we were finished havnig babes. Now, guess what? I have a fussy one. Wish I'd kept this episode on the DVR! What information can you give me? I can't remember? HELP ME!

anne said...

Jos, can you somehow bring the oprah show Lorraine was on to SLC this weekend? On a cd or something? Or is that not possible.