Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Clean-up at Ikea

Eric had the afternoon off yesterday so we decided about a week ago to go to Chicago to meet up with his long time best friend Mike, who was coming into town on business. Unfortunately, Cohen started throwing up in the night which made me want to reconsider, but Eric protested and we went. See, without me there Eric would....
1. ...have no clue where he was going. True story - Eric was driving the car on our way to Ikea when he comments on the fact that he can't believe we have been coming to Chicago for 5 years and at that very moment I scream "Eric you're going to miss the exit." 5 years and he still has no idea where he's going. Come to think of it, he still doesn't know what channel Fox, CBS, ABC or NBC are. He could tell you all the LA networks channels though. Gotta love him!
2. ...have no spending limit. Therefore, I must go.
3. ...be bored, he is a very social guy. But who wouldn't be kind of lonely going to Chicago all by yourself? Just not as fun.

So we load up all the kids, who at this point we were kind of starving because we didn't want them throwing up. Cohen got restless though and we fed him a piece of bread. He seemed to keep it down so we were relieved. We got to the outlets and hit a few of the usual stores; Nike, Gap, Carters, but there wasn't too much to see. At one point I leaned down to adjust Ethan's pump holder and noticed that the cord was wrapped all the way around his belly and had been tugging at the site - ultimately pulling it all the way out. Screwed. I had just put that site in this morning and did not pack an extra. Nor do I have any syringes laying around. Uh oh.

So I test him. He's 140. Ok, not bad, he's not eating so we should be fine.

We drive on to Ikea where of course he wants to go to the kid zone and play while we shop. Good, that will burn off some sugar. So we start shopping. I get a few random things to spruce up the house for the showing I was supposed to have today. (The lady called me this morning a rescheduled for Saturday. Saturday? How do I keep my house clean until Saturday? Ugh.) We get to the lighting department and Cohen decides to puke all over the floor, himself, and the cart. Nice. Eric and I look at each other with this dumb stare, like what now. Eric sprints to the car and retrieves the change of clothes, etc. Disaster averted. But now we are thinking... Ethan, in the play place, pit of plastic balls, other kids, throw-up, yikes. Luckily, he did not follow suit. He did however get an appetite and wanted food.

By this time it's about 6:30 and Mike's plane was about to land. So we started to drive over to his hotel to pick him up so we could grab some dinner. I stopped at a pharmacy on the way to get a syringe so that I could give Ethan some insulin. Lesson learned, gotta pack an extra infusion set. It was good to see Mike. He seems to be doing well. Too bad we still have yet to meet his 3 kids. Whats that about Mike? We made it home at about 10:30. Good times.


anne said...

Sounds like a long day, but I bet it was good to see Mike. Poor Coco. And Poor you and Eric!

Diane said...

See, there you go Josie, lemons and sugar equals a overall good day! Love it! I would love to have seen your faces, I know what Cohen had on his face though, , , Gotta love Mike!

Molly said...

You guys are a good team, but I cannot believe some of the situations you guys have to deal with. I am impressed you always handle everything.