Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"I looked out the window and what did I see?......

.... a very big BUCK starring back at me."

He was just wandering around in our yard this afternoon.
I think he was trying to send a message:

Buck: So, I hear you are going to the Bucks/Lakers game tonight...
Me: Yeah, and?
Buck: The Lakers are going down you know.
Me: Oh, really? What makes you so confident?
Buck: I've got an in around these parts, I've got a few friends who play for Milwaukee.
Me: Congratulations. Care to make a wager?
Buck: Nah, the Mrs. will have my head.

Buck was right. Lakers lost.


Diane said...

Isn't that the sign of Mutual of Omaha? Oh, guess that is a buck, , , Amazing! Something else I missed! Such smart children to have chosen the same number, the age of baptism! Love it! Yummy Thanksgiving to you all!

Paige said...

You are such a sellout. GO JAZZ!!!