Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Office

Eric with Dr. Sato. He's such a sweet man - I really pray his cancer isn't as serious as it seems. He's only 65 and wasn't planning on retiring this early in life. His patients have been amazingly loyal. Some of them come in telling stories about how Eric is now their third dentist at this location, that they have been going there since the 40's.

Dr. Ishizuka - the original dentist at this location. He still owns the building!

WOW - can you believe the sight (or lack thereof) of our building? This is how it looked from the street at the time of purchase. Dr. Sato must have gotten used to it after a while. How did patients even know where to go to find his office?

This juniper was a disaster.

Oh my gosh - there's a building behind all of that greenery! It took two and half days and a full crew to rip it all out.

Here's a picture after the mulch and plants went in. They better grow quickly - they look so little right now. But, it's a definite improvement. NEXT PROJECT: paint the exterior...

The awesome logo Martha designed. Now we need to have signs made to put out front.


[AnnieR] said...

I'm absolutely gah gah over Martha's logo. Skillzzzz, gurl. It has inspired me to get back to the drawing board for Go's plastic's logo. Geez. In Christensen speak, Martha's logo: Upper Bowl. My logo: Lower Bowl. :)

And good call cutting down all those shrubs. Holy smokes. I can't wait to see the outside once you've painted.

Oh, and also--your rental house: SWEEEEET! Man, I know you're stressed but take it from someone on the outside looking in-- it looks like you've got a really good thing going here.

josieposie said...

Skills indeed!! If you weren't so handy with photoshop/design already I would insist you hire her. We gotta bring yours to upper bowl status, good thing there's time. I thought your typeface looked a lot like ours though.

I am not discounting the sweet place we are living in. It is almost difficult for me to blog about it I feel almost guilty living here. We do have a good thing going for sure.

[AnnieR] said...

Ha ha ha! Well, when Go's logo ends up looking quite a bit like Martha's, let her know that I had the font chosen before I saw hers! ;)

Wright Life said...

Josie, I am so excited for you guys. The building looks great and I LOVE the Logo. Maybe i'll just have to drive down to Eric's office to go to the dentist. Good luck with everything!

leigh said...

Wow! I meant to comment yesterday too on your crazy story. We're trying to figure out when we can come visit.

I hate junipers. Just for the record.

But I LOVE Martha's/your sign!

AND we can't wait to see the interior of the office after it's Brownified with a fishtank and lots of Mid Modern furnishings.