Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to School Night

Ethan had an amazing teacher this year, Mr. Henry. He loved going to school every day and would come home with stories about his awesome teacher that loved Tron just as much as he does. He is even type-1 diabetic which relieved a lot of my fears. Ethan was in a combo class this year which had only eight 2nd graders in it. Five of those are in his church primary class so he was loving the group he was with.

For Ethan's back-to-school night/ open house this year he had to prepare a speech about a famous person or inventor from history. Of course he chose something about Lego's. He researched the creator of Lego's, Ole Kirk Christensen. Yes, Christensen. I didn't get his whole speech on tape because there were about 100 other 2nd graders all standing around him saying their speech at the same time, but I filmed a little bit of the interview Mr. Henry had with him.

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