Sunday, July 24, 2011

My eyes are buggin out

You know I used to be grateful for, however, not so much anymore. I'm kind of over it. Kinda over the late night work sessions that occur only at night because the "real 8-5" work has been done and I can now get access to the computer used during that time. It's 2am!! I will be sitting in Sacrament Meeting in less than 7 hours. Tonight was filled with work for Eric's office. Thursday night was filled with work for my Dad. I am complaining because, well, Eric is in bed and has been since 11. If sleeping weren't such a beloved hobby I wouldn't be this annoyed. However, I did manage to get through the entire first disk of Friday Night Lights. Not bad, not bad at all!


anne said...

I hear you.

Robyn said...

OH my gosh, i love that show. are you on the first season? i just finished this season. best one yet. i want to move to dillon, tx and be best friends with eric and tammy taylor.

Martha said...

I didn't know you were watching FNL. Love that show. Oh and you are the best employee ever.